Nerando Johnson

Nerando A. Johnson

Web Developer

About Me

This is Nerando, he likes to use code to solve problems and make the life of people easier (He is a developer). Also, he is dedicated to using his maturing craft to fullfilling craft to fullfilling the needs of a given scenario/project. Nerando has been a community organizer for freeCodeCamp Atlanta for over the last two years. He has been to a few hackathons and is an infrequent blogger.

Nerando has worn a few hats before becoming a developer : lab technician, farmer, truck driver, middle school science teacher, business founder, tutor and a literacy specialist. These turns in the road has enabled him learn fast, work well within a team, understand going "the extra mile" and having a different outlook while problem solving or developing business solutions.

When not coding, Nerando enjoys coding cooking, reading, the act of creating something from nothing and the odd blog or podcast about the human mind (Hi NPR).